Thursday, September 13, 2012

13th of September

It's that time again!  It's the 13th of month therefore we deviate away from normal nutrition and cooking topics and talk about, well whatever I feel like :)

Today's list?

Top 13 Things That I Love About Fall 

1.)  Leaves changing colors

2.) Cool fall weather perfect for bonfires, s'mores and late night fireside chats

3.) Apple picking, honeycrisp? Yes please!
Apple picking with my mom, aunt and grandma in my grandparents backyard
4.) PUMPKINS!!!!

In addition to pumpkin flavored items each year I visit a pumpkin farm and stock up on pie pumpkins, cook and puree them and then have delicious pumpkin for all of my favorite recipes all year round.

5.) Halloween
Scary movies, dressing up, free-flowing candy, what's not to love!

Can you guess what I was for Halloween last year??

6.) Harrison's Birthday

Harrison's birthday each year means two things,
1.) I get to spend a weekend reliving my younger days as him and his friends invade my world for two days and
2.) I get to make a penguin themed birthday treat.

Penguins wearing sweaters in cookie form

Cupcake penguins

Penguin Cake Pops decorated as Harrison in all of his various forms.

7.) Football

I think you can tell which teams I cheer for!

8.) The Bears

9.) Sweater dresses

Pretty much all fall dresses, can't wait!

10.) Fall roadtrip to see my grandparents

Date TBD but we always have a good time in southern Illinois!

11.) Thanksgiving

In addition to Thanksgiving dinner, spending time with family and having a long weekend I love that Melissa and Carl are always in town to visit!

12.) More relaxation time

Summer seems like every minute of every day must be accounted for, fall seems just a bit more relaxed and I love that!  Board game bars, lazy Saturdays and days with no plan at all seem really nice right about now.

13.) What isn't to love?  May this be a great Fall to all!!

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