Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Funday: Create Your Own Welcome Gift

I love when friends and family come into town to visit, it is so fun to play tourist in your own town, I can never get enough of all of the fun touristy things that Chicago has to offer.

Earlier this summer my grandparents came into town for a few days and we had a great time dining at famed Chicago restaurants, exploring the city via an architectural river cruise and took in a show at Navy Pier.

  Knowing that I would be working when they first arrived I decided to leave a little surprise for them at their hotel. 

You know how when you attend an out of town wedding the wedding party often leaves a good bag full of snacks and items in your room?  This concept works well for guests too, whether they are in a hotel or staying at your house greeting them with a small welcome present is a nice way to make them feel at home.

I started by making some cookies.  I am a little obsessed with cookie cutters and I had sail boat and fish cutters just waiting to be used.

I figured that cookies would be a nice snack for the afternoon.  I made a small batch of peach muffins as a breakfast option if they didn't want to have something when they first woke up as well as added a few bottles of water and some crackers for late night munchies.

Into a gift bag everything went and voila, a cute welcome bag suitable for any guest!


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