Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Funday: Sweet Potato Tots

Yes, you heard right.  Sweet potato tots, the most amazing creation I have ever had!  While at happy hour with friends last week we discovered them on the menu and HAD to try them.

Those who know me well know my weakness for processed potatoes in the form of a tot, I love them.  Since they are generally high in fat and calories and provide very little nutritional value I try and save them for special occasions likes eating at Salt and Pepper in Wrigleyville before a cubs game or when they show up unexpectedly on a menu while dining out.

I also really like sweet potato fries, although they are still fried they provide a little nutrition because they are sweet potatoes instead of regular white potatoes.  So natually when we saw sweet potato tots on the menu it was something that I ordered without even thinking.

I would honestly have no idea how to make these but they were SO good.  If you want to try some you will have to go to Cedar Hotel. 

Probably other places have them too but this was the first place that I had ever seen them. 

Bottom line... if you are out and about and find them on your menu, ORDER THEM!

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