Monday, August 13, 2012

13th of August

Although today isn't FRIDAY the 13th it is the 13th and I am still a little superstitious.  I don't know what it is about the number 13 that makes me a little nervous and I am not sure what I am going to do for a whole year, next year, 2013.

Did you know that "Eleven plus Two" and "Twelve plus One" both equal 13, they both have 13 letters AND they both use the SAME 13 letters.  Weird right?  13 is a weird number.
Anyway, last month we deviated from nutrition and food related topics to talk about my 13 favorite things about summer in Chicago so I thought it would continue this 13th to talk about something totally unexpected.

What could that be?

Hair donation.  Yeah, I told you it would be way in left field.

When I was a baby I was bald, until I was almost 2!  I am sure that my mom had a collection of little hair bows and baby headbands to make sure that I wasn't mistaken for a boy.

When I finally got hair I was determined to keep it and let it grow as long as my mom would let me. 

Since then I have always been a long haired girl, I am thinking that the last time that I had hair that was even shoulder length was probably when I was 3 years old and that was only because it was still growing.

Several years back I heard about hair donation and decided that it was something that I waned to do, I was really nervous about cutting my hair short but I knew it was for a good cause.

I started in 2008.  In order to donate hair you need at least 8-10" to donate and it must be hair free of colors or dyes.  Growing out and then refraining from low-lights (dark highlights for blonde hair) was the hardest part for me, however after a year it was refreshing to return to the hair that nature gave me.

For almost 4 years I grew my hair with only minimal trims.  Knowing that I had to donate close to a foot of hair meant that in order to avoid a super short haircut I needed to grow my hair really long.

Finally back in June I took the plunge and had 12" cut off.  I had only planned on having 10" but it ended up being 12" after the layers were cut. 

My "normal" hair length was not super long but not exactly short

June 10th, the day before I donated it was very long, too long

And then after donation on June 11th it was very short, too short

I am still not completely convinced that I like having shorter hair and most days I wish that it was longer but I know that it was for a good cause.

Will I do it again?  Perhaps.  Do I recommend it?  Definitely, if you can, you should!  If your hair grows fast and you are willing to deal with toggling between long and short hair it is certainly something to think about.

Why Donate?

- It is for a GREAT cause.  While there are many different hair donation organizations (see below) each is unique in who the hair goes to.  Some programs support kids while others support adults, either way your donation will be appreciated and go to someone in need.

- Many salons offer free haircuts for people who are donating.  You show up, an awesome stylist gives you a fabulous new do and sends your hair off to support a great cause.

- It takes 6 people to donate hair to make one wig!  The more people that donate the more wigs can be made.

- The donated hair not only helps people suffering from cancer, but also alopecia and other serious illnesses.

- If you are used to having long hair it can be fun to try something totally different!

Who to Donate to:

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Locks of Love

Wigs for Kids

Be brave and make the cut! 

Good thing about short hair?  Less time to get ready on game days :)

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  1. Love the haircut and yes, it's a great reason to cut your hair:)