Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Get Ready, It's Coming...

What's coming?  Glad you asked!  Get ready for the most indulgent, most diet busting, pant loosening, calorie and fat laden thing you will ever see posted on this site.

I can't make this up, I guarantee no matter how hard I could try this upcoming recipe will be so full of deliciously sweet, creamy and decadent ingredients it won't even make sense.

Mother's Day is coming up and I was asked to bring a dessert.  My family parties are awesome and usually contain plenty of my two favorite things, champagne and dessert.  I am not sure where our obsession with dessert started but I am going to make a pretty good guess that it started with my grandpas, both of whoms dessert plates at brunch often rival that of a mother filling a plate to bring to her family of 6.

While we don't often eat dessert as part of our daily meals (infact growing up we rarely had an actual dessert after dinner) we certainly like to indulge for special occasions. 

Celebrating 3 birthdays at one party?  Well of course we need 3 separate cakes!

Out for a champagne Sunday brunch?  Let the dessert eating contest begin!

I have to say however that our most tremendous dessert eating feast came several years back on a family cruise.  Each night at dinner we (my brother, cousins and I) competed to see who could eat the most dessert with the goal of adding up all nights at the end of the trip for the title of "Super-Ultimate-Extreme Dessert Eating Champion".  The waiter who soon caught on (and was likely in shock) to our nightly orders of multiple desserts, ended up having the last laugh.  On the last night of the cruise he, along with two other waiters brought one of EVERY dessert on the menu to each of us at our table, I'm telling you, I could not make this stuff up... We like dessert!  And as we all know, while on vacation, calories never count.

So needless to say, we like our desserts and while the majority of the time we eat a pretty healthy diet we, like everyone else, love to indulge every now and then.     

When asked to make a dessert for Mother's Day I knew exactly what I wanted to make, a recipe that has been calling my name for weeks and one that is truly appropriate for our family...

Want a hint?  Here are a few of the ingredients:

Check back on Sunday for the finished product!


  1. I still remember your taste in desserts at the dining hall in the dorm! :-) And can't wait to see what you make...Hannah thinks the pictures you have posted already look pretty tasty! :-)

  2. Yes, those were the days with unlimited dessert selections every night for dinner! Unfortunately my metabolism doesn't support such things anymore :) This dessert however will be the exception...