Thursday, May 31, 2012

Artisan Bread Part Two

Remember how excited I was to make bread?  Well... things just got more interesting.

While looking around the Internet I stumbled upon the craziest idea I had every heard, baking bread in a crock pot. 

In my mind I couldn't imagine how this could possibly work but decided to give it a try since I had a batch of 5 minute rye bread dough in the fridge.

I took a some dough out of the fridge, formed it into a ball and placed it on parchment paper.

I then put it in my small crock pot, turned it on high and covered it with a lid.

To my surprise here is how it looked after 30 minutes.

And then after an hour I took it out and it looked like this!  If you don't mind softer bread without a brown top you could eat it just like this.  I like mine with a darker top so...

A few minutes under the broiler in my oven to brown the top left me with this, perfect!

And after cooling I sliced it and used it to make toast.

WOW!  I am still in awe of the simplicity of this technique for baking.  The best part?  There is no rise time and it saves so much electricity over having to heat my oven to 450 and then bake for 30 minutes like traditional recipes call for.

I am sure that you could use any bread dough recipe or even pre-made purchased bread dough from the store. 

I will definitely be using this method often, especially in the summer when heating the oven is out of the question. 

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