Thursday, June 14, 2012

Go Cubs Go!

Hey Chicago What Do You Say, Cubs Are Gonna Win Today!

In the summer I spend a lot of time here

By a lot I mean probably 20 games per season, my record was 32 games several years back and ironically that was before I had moved downtown.

I love the old scoreboard.

And watching the players run around the bases.

I also love how passionate the fans are, especially one super fan who I run into at just about every game, Ronnie Woo Woo. 

Ronnie happens to live in my neighborhood, I often see him on the Redline heading to games and one time I ran into him during the off season.  He walked a few blocks with me to work as we chatted about the upcoming spring training.   He was still decked out in head to toe cubs gear with the addition of a Santa hat, walking down the street in December eating ice cream.

Some of my best and worst eating decisions are made at Wrigley.  Hog Dog?  No thanks, I ate before I came.  Burger?  No, thanks, but I would love a veggie burger.  Giant bowl of nachos in a life size batters helmet?  Now that is just crazy talk!

Food I can handle and often (minus the time Christa and I split the 4# pretzel) make healthy choices while dining in or around the friendly confines.

Alcohol, on the other hand, is where I allow a little wiggle room.

A bloody mary with a beer back?  Yes Please.

A shot of Jameson with a beer chaser?  Yes Please.

An Old Style on Opening Day?  OK… but only because it’s opening day.  Old Style is gross.

Eating healthy most of the time means that we can afford to live life, have fun and splurge in moderation and for me that splurge comes in the form of a frosty beverage in or around my favorite ballpark.

Just like everything else in life, sticking with a few basic principles can help you maintain your diet while still enjoying time with friends and family.

- Eat before you go; a healthy meal at home before the game saves money and calories

- choose light beer

- ask for veggie options (Wrigley offers both a veggie burger as well as a “sloppy jane”, a vegan sloppy joe sandwich

- drink water

- bring a healthy snack or a sealed non-alcoholic beverage.  check with your local ballpark but Wrigley allows you to bring in outside food (think subway sandwich) or drink as long as it is sealed and declared at the entrance.

- share with a friend, half an order of nachos has half the calories!

- alternate beverages with calorie free options; a hot day in the sun can lead to excess thirst and excess caloric consumption if not controlled.

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