Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Does a Dietitian Eat?

Contrary to popular belief most dietitians not only eat fast food but we actually enjoy it :)  After a busy day just like everyone else sometimes we allow ourselves a treat and pick-up something on the way home for a quick and easy meal.

I wish that I could eat fast food several times per week but unfortunately my metabolism and wallet would not be able to handle it.  Instead I choose to treat myself every once in while and I really do believe that saving fast food for special occasions helps you to appreciate it more.  If you ate McDonald's every single day for dinner it would become less desired since you know you can have it again the next night.  If you know that you will allow your self a drive-through meal once a week you will look forward to it and appreciate it more.

Anyways, back to what I ate.  While walking home one evening I noticed that a Chick-fil-A had just opened a few blocks from my house.  I had never had it before, I assumed it would be delicious but will power and knowing that I could prepare a meal at home for less money kept me from going inside.  That all ended when a sheet of coupons (my kryptonite) for FREE items showed up in my mailbox.  Bye Bye will power, HELLO free food!

Three coupons for totally free items got me in the door and I am glad that they did!  I was actually really surprised with the items that I have gotten, the chicken is real whole chicken breasts, not the processed and pressed meat that a lot of other chicken products are made with. 

The first time I went I used my coupon for their Original Chicken Sandwich, it was really good.  I also checked out their website and they offer a lot of great health and nutrition information about their products, very impressive Chick-fil-A!

After a long week end of eating out and not watching what I ate I was ready to start my shortened week with trying to get back on track.  I started with some oatmeal, a banana and coffee for breakfast and followed it up with a sensible lunch of salad, an apple pumpkin muffin and a small handful of nuts.  Knowing that I wanted to go to the gym after work and wouldn't get home until late I knew that dinner would be a problem because I wouldn't want to cook when I got home.  The solution?  Chick-fil-A freebie! 

In my set of three coupons was one for a kids meal.  I will admit, I LOVE kids meals, they are the perfect portion to prevent over eating while still giving you the yummy taste of fast food. 

Did you know that a small hamburger, small fry and small coke used to be McDonald's adult meal before portions got totally blown up?  Believe it!

To end my day I swung by Chick-fil-A and picked up a children's meal: 6 chicken nuggets, a small order of waffle fries and a small diet coke.  I added a grapefruit in the mix when I got home and enjoyed every bite of my no-cook (free!) 450 calorie meal!

The bottom line?  Fast food is certainly part of Everyday Nutrition!  Keep it "special", use it as a reward and look forward to it.  No need to over do it, super size should never be an option.  And lastly if you get coupons, use them!  Just use them one at a time.

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