Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun with Food

In case you didn't know, I am a little obsessed with cupcakes.  Long before Sprinkles and DC Cupcakes I was in my kitchen making tiny masterpieces out of cake and frosting.  Cupcakes are individually portioned tiny treats that are oh so fun to make. 

I especially love making birthday treats, remember these guys?  This past week end we had two very special celebrations for my grandma's birthday, one with our family on Saturday night and the other on Monday for her actual birthday with her friends.  I love any excuse to use my creativity and came up with two different cupcake creations.

1. Individual Flower Pot Cupcakes

I started by baking brownies in a muffin tin.  Once cooled I put one into each little flower pot.

 Then I added chocolate pudding

Topped with crushed oreos to look like dirt

Then placed cupcakes baked in green wrappers and decorated with fondant flowers into each pot. 

To make it more "birthday" I added a chocolate sucker and candle to my grandma's.

2.) Cupcake Garden

I started by baking 2 1/2 dozen cupcakes, some chocolate, some vanilla.  Then I decorated them.  Some like this with large frosting flowers

And some with fondant flowers

Then I made the stand.  I took two boxes, wrapped them in green tissue paper and attached fence posts made out of a poster board.  Lastly, I added a chocolate "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", some chocolate butterflies and a few silk flowers to fill in the gaps.

It was a big hit!

And most importantly, my grandma loved it!

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