Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Quick & Easy (Healthy) Lunch!

Lunch is one of those meals that I am quick to forget.  Wake up hungry?  Eat Breakfast.  Realize you're hungry at the end of the day?  Eat dinner.  Get too busy during the day?  Forget lunch, opps.

While I try to not let this happen too often I will be the first to admit that it happens more often than I would like.

What is the solution?  Having simple, healthy and delicious items readily available to throw together a quick lunch.

My new favorite product?

They are really good without being as heavy as a regular bagel.  They work well stuffed with turkey and lettuce as a sandwich, with peanut butter and sliced bananas as a quick breakfast and especially good as the base for a pizza bagel!

Ready for a 10 minute lunch?

Place bagel halves on a cookie sheet and add 1 tablespoon sauce to each half: 30 seconds.

Top with spinach (or not): 5 seconds

Add 1 slice deli pepperoni (or not): 5 seconds

Next comes a sprinkling of cheese: 5 seconds

And possible some sliced mushrooms: 5 seconds

Into a 350 oven for 7-8 minutes and out comes lunch!

Pair this with an orange or fruit of your choice and you have a 300 calorie lunch!

PS Please ignore the horrible state of my cookie sheet, good thing the Wilton sale is right around the corner!!!

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