Wednesday, February 13, 2013

13th of February

For those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile you know that occasionally I take a break from blogging and by break in this case I mean a five month complete hiatus. 

What can I say, it happens. 

So now after 5 months without a post I find myself writing on February 13th. 

What could possibly cause such a phenomenon?


Your may remember him from here, here and here.  Oh yeah, and here too. 

What can I say, I write about him a lot as he is truly an amazing person.

While I have only known my grandpa for 32 (ok, one week shy of 33 but who's counting...) years he has been an inspirational leader and a constant source of love, encouragement and support during each and every one of them.

Today, being the 13th of the month in addition to my grandpa's milestone birthday, I feel that it is only right to share with you:

13 Amazing Things About My Grandpa:


1. He never says no to dessert. 

Never ever ever, ever can I remember I time when I asked my grandpa if he would like dessert and have him refuse.  More common responses include, "Ok, AND put some ice cream on it", "We have cake and pie?  How about a little of both" or my favorite, "I will eat a little now and save the rest for breakfast!"  At 95 years old the man still enjoys his sweets!  And why not?  We can have our cake and eat it too, as long as we eat our vegetables and exercise as the Colonel does.

2. He is always my #1 fan.

If I had a $1 for every time my grandpa told me he was proud of me I would be a millionaire, literally!  My grandpa would likely wear a "Go Kristin!" shirt 24-7 if I made him one.  He has been number #1 fan from day 1, even cutting his Hawaiian vacation short due to my 3-month early arrival 1 week after his 62nd birthday.  He has supported me in everything that I have done and never lets me forget how highly he thinks of me.

3. He keeps me humble.

While my grandpa is my #1 fan he reminds me the importance of humility, helping others and having religion in my life.

4.  He is patient.

Growing up 3 hours away from grandpa has never been an issue, hardly a month goes by without a visit and rarely a week without a phone call or even Skype chat!  When I was little I would often spend a few weeks with my grandparents at their home, away from my parents.  Occasionally this was not an easy transition as I can recall a few times when my grandparents would come to pick me up only to load and unload their car 3-4 times before I would decide that I would be ok with going.  Each time my grandpa would unload my suitcases full of dolls, clothes and toys he would do so with a smile, only to load everything up a few minutes later since he knew that eventually I would realise how much fun we were going to have an give into the car ride.

5. He lives life to its fullest each and every day.

Rarely do I see my grandpa without a big smile on his face, and in the occasion that I do it is a passing thing.  My grandpa loves life and takes advantage of everything it has to offer, from him I  have learned to do the same.

6. He tells me he loves me.

"I Love You."  What simple words they are, yet the meaning behind them is so powerful.  Love is such a beautiful thing that can he shared in so many ways.  The love between a grandfather and granddaughter is one of admiration.  I love my grandpa for all that he is, who he helps me to be and for all that he does for others.  If you love someone, tell them and tell them often. 

7. We have fun together.

Going to listen to a rock band on the beach, attending cubs games or spending time with family; no matter what we do we always have fun together!

8. He eats better than I do.

This is true, and yes I am a Dietitian.  My grandpa has always had an excellent diet, a big part of why he is a healthy 95-year old with an active life style!  Nutrition is something that he takes very seriously and something that he has taught me from an early age.  Infact, he is probably part of the reason why I am a Dietitian today.

9. He has such an amazing collection of stories.

Train rides through India, being a child in the great depression, recollection of major US events and the list goes on.  Pick a topic, any topic and chances are that the Colonel will entertain you for hours.

10. He makes me laugh

Always with a joke, my grandpa never ceases to come up with something funny to say.

11. He is the smartest man I know

Name all 50 states and their capitals?  No problem.  Discuss each battle in WWII?  With ease.  Know how to grow 16 different types of tomatoes? Of course!  I honestly don't think there is any topic off limits, this man knows EVERYTHING, trust me on this one.

12. He is an amazing host

My family is blessed to be very close knit, we get together just about every month if not more than once.  While the family party locations rotate, for the past several years the whole family has gone down to my grandpa's house for Father's day weekend.  This is one of my favorite parties of the year.  My grandpa (with the help of Norma of course!) goes above and beyond to plan a wonderful weekend with nothing but the best of everything, "Top of the line!", he always says.  The days are spent sitting out on his patio overlooking his gorgeous yard, eating amazing food, playing lawn golf and other various yard games while laughing and enjoying a beautiful summer weekend together.

13. He is my grandpa!  Enough said :)

Happy Birthday Papa, I Love You.

Many Many More!



  1. Happy birthday to your grandfather - sounds like a wonderful man. And he looks so good for his age!!! Happy early birthday to you, too!

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  3. Thanks Ann! You always have such a good memory :) A trip to Iowa has been discussed several times in the last few months, I would love to see you and Janie if/when that happens!