Friday, May 13, 2011

One More Day!

So... blogger was down from last night through this AM, I am not sure what was going on with it.  I was not able to work on posts and for some reason it sent out a link to a really old post to my subscribers, sorry about that!

Anyway :)  Guess what tomorrow is?  I will give you a hint:

Did you guess time for the Great American Bake sale?  If so you are right!  Click on the link above for full information or if you just want to basic here they are:

Share Our Strength's Great American Bake Sale

When: Saturday, May 14 from 12pm – 3pm (CST)

Where: The Poison Cup Wine & Art Boutique at 1128 W. Armitage Ave (between Clifton and Seminary). To get there, take the CTA brown line to the Armitage stop or the #73 bus.

What am I making?  Well for right now it's a secret but I will be posting each of the three recipes over the next few days.  How about a few clues...

Happy Baking!  And come out tomorrow to support a good cause.  If you aren't near Armitage be sure to check out this link and find a sale near you.

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