Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recipes: Vanilla Part One

Vanilla, what a yummy fragrant, tasty addition to just about anything.  I love the scent of vanilla in perfume and candles and love to eat anything vanilla flavored.  I have long been putting vanilla extract (only pure vanilla extract will do, imitation is never an option according to my mom) into baked goods, I add it to my diet coke or mix it with a little oil and add it to potpourri. 

Something new to me was the vanilla bean.  After reading several blogs about making your own vanilla extract I decided to try it. 

It seemed simple enough.

1.) Slice several (I used 6) vanilla beans in half lengthwise
2.) Scrape seeds
3.) Add seeds and pods to 1L vodka
4.) Let sit for several months
5.) Strain and use like you would any other vanilla extract.

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