Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Does a Dietitian Eat?

Yesterday was a long day thanks to the lovely snow storm that delayed my flight home on Monday night, 5 hours delayed to be exact...  Needless to say I was really tired and didn't want to put much effort into my meals. 

For breakfast I chose:

1 soyjoy bar
1 orange

Again, things that I keep at work for a quick healthy meal when I get hungry.  There is no reason why breakfast has to be different everyday.  Find something you like that is quick and healthy?  Stick to it!

Lunch was:

1 can of Healthy Choice hearty vegetable soup
1 apple

An afternoon pick-me up:
1 cup of swiss miss sugar free hot cocoa


So breakfast and lunch is pretty easy to keep simple and healthy, but what about dinner?  To be honest all that I wanted to do was go home, put on comfy clothes and spend the evening catching up on my DVR'ed tv shows that I missed while I was gone.  The solution?  Take out.

I multi-tasked and swung by Eduardo's (Great pizza place in Chicago) to pick up my order while taking my dog for her evening walk.  Here is how to make a take out meal fit into Everyday Nutrition.

Here is what I ordered: 1 Chicken and Pesto Calzone, 1 small side salad and 1 diet coke.

I cut the calzone in half, added more fresh veggies to my salad and portioned it out into two separate meals.  Restaurant meals are often much more than one servings and make a great meal for two (or two individual meals).

Take out is fast and easy, just adjust portion, add more veggies and you have yourself a delicious meal without the guilt.

PS  ignore the dates on the pictures, I guess I forgot to set the date :)

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