Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Funday

In general I try and watch what I eat Monday-Saturday and then let myself splurge a little on Sunday.  I feel that doing this serves many purposes:

1.) I enjoy my favorite foods more by seeing them as a treat and not something that I eat every day, savor every bite

2.) I stay on track with healthy eating during the week because I know that I can "cheat" a little on Sunday

3.) I learn that there are no foods that are off limits, just limits on when I can eat them

4.) Variety is still important.  I try and make Sunday meals exciting by alternating favorite take out places with comfort food cooking or dinners out with friends

5.) Indulging on a daily basis sets us up for cravings.  Keeping less healthy foods to one day a week helps to reprogram our perceptions and respond less to cravings.

Stay tuned for Sunday Funday recipes!

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