Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eating Healthy on a Budget: Part 1

"Healthy foods are too expensive"

"I can't afford fresh fruits and vegetables"

These are things that I hear people say all of the time.  I am here to show you that healthy foods can be affordable.  First let's look at the basics.

Eating Healthy on a Budget:

- Create a budget and stick to it

- Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time

- Organize before you shop

- Look for in-store specials

- Use coupons (more on that to come)

- Buy fresh fruits and vegetables in season

     - Summer: melon, corn, tomatoes, peaches, berries
     - Fall: Squash, apples, pumpkin
     - Winter: Oranges, grapefruit, apples and grapes
     - Spring: Strawberries

- Eat frozen or canned fruits and vegetables when fresh ones cost more.  Drain and rinse canned fruits and vegetables to get rid of salt or sugar

- Buy powdered milk, it can be rehydrated when needed and stores in the pantry much longer than fresh milk does in the refrigerator

- Stock up on whole grain bread when they are on sale and freeze the extras

- Buy beef, chicken or fish in large quantities and portion before freezing

- Try meatless protein sources like beans and tofu, usually less expensive and a nice alternative to your weekly menu

- Choose fruit, small pieces of cheese or nuts for snacks.  Small amounts will fill you up more than chips and soda and provide needed nutrition

Check back next Monday for Part 2!

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