Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Hau'oli lā hānau!  That's "happy birthday" in Hawaiian.

Today is my mom's 60th birthday!  And who could think of a better place to be celebrating than on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu with my dad and grandparents. 

I am sure that she will be given the royal treatment today but wish that my brother and I were there to celebrate with her...  but we will celebrate with her at a later date.

So in honor of my wonderful mother's birthday I thought it would be only fair to share with you the nutritional wisdom that she has instilled in me.  As I menioned in the grapefruit post my mom is very health conscious and has been addition nutrition facts to my database for years before I even took a single class.  One of the most important things that my mom has taught me is that everything is OK in moderation, something that I will forever be greatful for.  We are all human and food is a huge part of life.  While it is important to have the right building blocks for good nutrition it is also important to not deprive ourselves of things we may want.

They say that kids learn best from example and here is what my mom has taught me.

1. Never be afraid to try a new recipe, food, product, etc.  Variety of the spice of life
2. A glass of wine per day can be therapeutic for the mind, body and soul
3. A cup of oatmeal and some blueberries makes an awesome PM snack
4. Exercise often but mix cardio with strength training for strong bones
5. Always wear sunscreen, especially on your face.
6. Soups without meat can be delicious and when made in a large pot on sunday can be served all week
7. Drink water, as many glasses per day and you can and no, you don't need to add anything to it.
8. At Christmas time it is ok to bake your heart out and use REAL butter, REAL sugar and lots of chocolate
9. Never use imitation vanilla extract
10. Enjoy life.  Enjoy every minute of it. Dance like no one's watching, live each day to its fullest and leave no Chocolate covered macadamia nut un-eaten!

Happy Birthday Mom!

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  1. Got to agree whole-heartedly with #8 and #9 :)